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Akai AP-A206C

Direct Drive Feature - первый проигрыватель с прямым приводом.

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Akai AP-A206C

Option properties:

Mahogany 1000
Ivory 122
Strass 500
weight 4.9
Color Black
TV connections count 5
Drives DVD
Record option No
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North korean leader kim jong il dead

Jang Nam-seok has died (Picture: Instagram/@kimjong)

Kim Jong-il, who was born in 1947 in Pyongyang, died at age 79, North Korea's state news agency KCNA reported.

The news agency also reported that Kim Jong Un, known as Chairman Kim Jong Un, is likely to be succeeded by his son as leader on January 20.

A post shared by @kyongnam3 (@kyongnam_3) on Jan 10, 2017 at 1:34pm PST

North Korea is currently ruled by a system based on the hereditary family system of the Kim family, which has dominated its economy since the late 1980s.

The regime has maintained a reputation for military might despite economic hardship.

Kim Jong Il's last statement said he is 'tired of trying'.



He died last November aged 80, three months before his son Jong Un became first in line to the leadership.

'Dear comrades!' He was a great leader, and his successor will be a hero!

North Korea's state-run media has often used this occasion to blast rivals, and has issued threats of its own.

It previously appeared to reference the death of current leader Kim Jong Nam by calling him 'daddy', before calling him 'the second oldest person in the world and is only 40'."

The agency was widely ridiculed over its tweets from 2009 to 2015, including when it issued the call to arms against the Kim family in that era, when the party used its Twitter feed to announce the death of Kim Jong Nam during an ideological campaign.

The agency's latest statement came after a string of controversial statements from the South over recent days over its reported nuclear test, and criticism of North Korea's repeated missile launches.

'Pyongyang doesn't even have the slightest respect for our president Kim Jong Un!' The message on the North's KRT (Korean television) posted today by Kim Jong Un is so bizarre it's laughable!



'Kim Jong Un is still in his late teens, but I would dare say his age is somewhere around 27 – 30. He has to be about 50 for that reason! He could even be in his mid-forties.

'When Kim Jong Un's older sister was born in 1979, I don't remember that her son went through puberty. But it's not like anyone was surprised at this announcement.'

In another tweet, @realtabrookka said the ruling Kim family had 'no business dictating what <foreign> leaders should do', and added that North Korea's leadership now had more 'ideological freedom'
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Government appeals captain dragan extradition case after court hearing, report says


A New South Wales Court has ruled it will not extradite a New South Wales police officer from Australia to face perjury and contempt charges after a senior prosecutor insisted the officer did not understand the implications of the case.

The decision is a blow to the Crown, which had threatened to take the case to trial in the High Court but in November 2015, the High Court gave the officer the option of staying in custody until the matter was heard in the High Court.

The captain, Anthony "Dragan" Dabbs, was arrested at home on March 28 last year, accused of perjury and contempt of court after investigators from NSW Police Command wrote a notice to the NSW Public Prosecutor's Office that he had breached a policy to not "participate in or act in any proceedings concerning criminal matters".

Detective-led officers were then called to Dabbs's home for questioning.

Assistant Crown Prosecutor Fiona Smith QC told the court at the hearing that the officer did not understand the consequences of the warrant if it was obtained and he did not even consider that "it was a reasonable expectation to obtain this information".

"He did not, of course, question it," Ms Smith said.

Justice James McComb wrote in his judgment that he agreed with the prosecutor's argument that Dragan should remain in custody, noting the fact that an "incomplete" warrant had been issued and that the Crown did not have to go to the High Court.

Justice McComb rejected the Crown's argument for the officer to be released without bail until he could give evidence before a preliminary hearing in the High Court.

The issue is far broader than the original warrant, which was issued to "the Commonwealth", but Justice McComb wrote that "a different outcome from the High Court would not have altered or undermined the criminal case" in the eyes of the laws of New South Wales.

The judge also ruled that there would not be any costs involved in the case because Dragan did not directly cost the state any money, instead "the costs may have been borne by the plaintiff".

Dabbs, who has now been arrested, was questioned by prosecutors for more than two hours at his home while waiting for the High Court hearing in August.

Topics: police, courts-and-trials, law-crime-and-justice, nsw

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